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United Company is an Egyptian largest grain based agribusiness.                 United Company plays a key role in the milling rice, grains, and pulses industry, and has a strong history in the processing and marketing of rice, grains, and pulses both domestically and internationally. The companyís diverse range of services spread across the entire supply chain, including accumulation, storage, processing, logistics, marketing, and trading.

In addition to its core business of milling rice, grain, and pulses processing and marketing, United Company is involved with both growers and end users from before sowing right through to processing of the final product. At the farm input level, United Company has been directly involved in the commercialization of new varieties through the establishment and operations of its dedicated seeds business. With a national presence United Company accumulates from all grain growing regions across Egypt. The company trades in all grain commodities and is now one of the nationís largest rice and pulses traders.

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